Living our mission

Investing our time and resources in the communities we serve is fundamental to who we are and our core values.

Mission In Action Scholarship Details

We commit to investing both our time and resources in our community. At the heart of our organization lies a profound commitment to empowering all people, especially those who have given so much through military service or have been directly impacted by those who serve. 

As a Veteran owned firm specialized in designing technology solutions that build the foundation for growth and agility, we know education is crucial to navigate our dynamic world. This scholarship seeks to broaden educational opportunities for Veterans and their families, while honoring Marcelline Carr, a Little Rock, Arkansas educator who dedicated her career to making mathematics accessible to her students through her creative teaching methods.

Scholarship Details


Applicant must be a:

  • Service Member
  • Spouse of a Service Member
  • Dependent (Child or legal dependent) of a Service Member
  • Immediate Relative (Including step relatives)

All ages are encouraged to apply.

This scholarship may be used to support all accredited post-secondary educational opportunities, including trade schools and certification programs.

Application Requirements

  • Certify that you meet the core eligibility requirements listed above.
  • Complete a 500 – 700 word essay on How Military Service Has Shaped Your Values and Aspirations.
  • Complete an online application by June 30th.

Scholarship Recipient Future Benefits

Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive additional scholarship funds for superior academic performance. Eligibility is based on academic performance for previous academic term. Past recipients must share proof of academic performance and are not required to complete a new application.

We believe in the power of education and the strength of our military families. This scholarship is our way of giving back to the Veteran community. Thank you for your service and supporting those who serve.