Navigating the Smartsheet Implementation Maze

Navigating the Smartsheet Implementation Maze

Digital transformation connects your vision, strategy, and people and culture with the promise and intrinsic goodness of technology. The journey to actualize all the benefits and features of technology requires a balance of applying technology expertise with a holistic human-centered approach. As the technology is embedded in the flow of work, those impacted can more easily embrace the change, understand its value - becoming adopters and cheerleaders in the deployment of digital capabilities.

Smartsheet’s low-code technology and power excited our new customer. The allure of transforming their workflows quickly, independently, and inexpensively was powerful and the customer decided to embark on a DIY implementation. The allure of self-sufficiency can be tempting. Without the right knowledge, even the most robust tools can crumble. The story unfolds as a cautionary narrative, echoing the importance of choosing the right resources and understanding that internal costs are still costs.

Lesson 1: Deployment Resources Matter, Even with Low-Code Technology

Investing in a powerful, low code tool, like Smartsheet, is a big step in achieving your vision and strategy. Success hinges on how you connect the design, build, and deployment to the people who use it is the key success factor. Expertise and experience play a pivotal role in even low-code technology.

Lesson 2: Internal Hours aren’t Free

263 internal hours since September - that's the cost the client paid in attempts to implement, fix, and re-fix. This reminder that internal resources, though seemingly cost-effective, come with their own opportunity cost price tag. Relying solely on internal resources diverts valuable time from innovation and core business needs.

Lesson 3: Once Broken, Trust is Hard to Repair

17 broken internal dashboards, multiple customer-facing hiccups, and one failed integration later, trust in the system hangs in the balance. The client discovered that a lack of expertise not only disrupts operations but erodes the trust of the entire user base. Choosing the right support from the beginning is an investment in sustained confidence and adoption.

Lesson 4: Partners Foster Adoption

Building your technology foundation, embedding it with integrations that streamline work, and managing all the change that follows is an investment that has immediate ROI. Once the technology is curated to your organization’s unique strategy and culture, users see value in the technology and are excited to embrace the change and become true adopters.

Lesson 5: Choose Wisely, Consider Costs

While the allure of saving on external support may seem tempting, the internal costs – both in terms of time and trust – can outweigh the initial savings. Selecting the right resources from the start can lead to a seamless journey, avoiding the pitfalls of trial-and-error.

Elevate Your Implementation Journey

Coupling technology with a consolidated, holistic deployment approach ensures that your investment yields outcomes that align with your vision. A partner who understands your end in mind serves as a compass - guiding you towards operational excellence where your systems thrive and people focus on the work that drives your business forward.



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